So, my son asked me, yet again, if Santa Claus was real.  He’s been bringing up the subject over and over again this year, partially because his classmates keep telling him that there is no Santa.  So I’ve been looking into ways to tell him the truth of the matter.  I figured if he began the conversation, and I felt he was ready, I would gently break the news to him.

One night he came into my room and started sharing with me his thoughts on the subject.  He stated that one of his toy guns didn’t work right, the button on his jacket was broken and he wanted the Axe body spray that matched the Axe shower gel he had and if Santa was real, he wouldn’t have given him broken gifts and he would have known about the Axe.  Being that these were all logical explanations, I thought, “how could I argue with that?” and felt he must be ready for the truth.  Was I wrong!!

I started explaining how there once was a Santa Claus, he was known as Saint Nicholas and was a very generous man that gave gifts to children and people who had very little.  I told him that now, parents keep that generous, giving spirit of Saint Nicholas alive by giving gifts at Christmas.  I told him we were acting as Santa’s helpers.  Immediately his eyes began to well up with tears and all he could say was, “So you’ve been lying to me for 8-years?”  

At that moment I knew I had made the wrong choice.  I tried to explain to him why I perpetuated the lie.  I told him I wanted him to have a magical childhood and believe that there was magic in the world in a way that he could understand.  But you could tell from the look on his face, all he heard was that his mom lied to him.  

The next morning he woke up, went into the bathroom to brush his teeth, told me good morning and said, “I’m still a little disappointed that you lied to me.”  I told him that I understood and tried to explain again that when he learned about Santa Claus, he was very young and so excited I didn’t want to take that excitement from him, so I let him believe it.  I explained that even parents make mistakes and at the time, I thought I was doing what was best.  He then told me, “I don’t think God is too happy with you for lying to me”.  What do you say to that?